Sunday, June 27, 2010


In this consumer awareness presentation you'll discover the truth about body fat and why we have cravings…

It seems that more and more scientists are discovering that your common burgers and fries, the kind of junk food everybody eats from time to time are as addictive as hard drugs.

Look at this article from 28 October 2009 that says cakes and sausages will program your brain into craving more foods….

Here's another article from 29 Mar 2010 that reports that junk food is as addictive as smoking or taking drugs and could cause compulsive eating and obesity.

You probably already know that the global obesity rate is steadily on the rise for men, children and women alike. Could there be any link? Could it be that the extremely harsh refined carbohydrates from sugar and white bread are the things causing this alarming rise in obesity??

Let's look at what happens when your blood sugar spikes after eating white bread and drinking soft drinks…

After a sugary meal…. your blood glucose levels spike…. which triggers the pancreas to start producing insulin…. which in turn lowers blood sugar levels..

There are a number of problems with this process, all of which contribute to weight gain:

Problem #1: Insulin is a hormone that stores carbohydrate calories in the form of fat,

Problem #2: Insulin tells the body not to release any stored fats to use as energy,

Problem #3: Insulin inhibits other important hormones in your body, one of which is responsible for burning fat and calories and the other is none other than the human growth hormone.

Problem #4: Insulin also causes hunger by reducing your blood sugar levels in only a couple hours after the sugary meal.

Can you see a pattern forming? First you eat a sugary meal… Then insulin gets released within your body to lower your blood sugar levels… Once your blood sugar levels are lowered, it causes you to crave more food... And naturally when you crave food… You Eat!

This vicious cycle is caused by refined carbohydrates found in sugar and white bread.

On the flip side, if you restrict the number of calories you eat you naturally begin to feel tired, hungry and deprived. This is the main reason why diets fail. But unfortunately people blame themselves for not having enough will power.

The truth is that weight loss has little to do with will power. What you need is the right information.

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We All Love Chocolate but do You Really Know How Great Chocolate is for You?

In ancient Aztec times chocolate or ‘Cacao’ was sacred and was associated with fertility and love. It was considered a food for the gods and was used as currency.

Now, why do I call it Cacao and not Cocoa? Raw cacao is the unprocessed bean used to make cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is processed and some of the natural fats are removed.

The beans from the cacao tree contain powerful antioxidants that are known to help eliminate deadly free radicals from your body. In fact, CACAO has the highest ORAC antioxidant rating per 100g, way in front of ‘Acai’ berries or ‘Goji’ berries.

Raw cacao has shown to be effective in promoting mental well being through the production of endorphins. It also acts as anti-depressant by raising serotonin levels. Cacao is a complete food. In fact, cacao is the #1 source for magnesium, used in hundreds of metabolic processes.

Cacao is a also a rich source of:

Iron – which fights back anemia

Zinc – Helps with Immune System

Vitamin C – Is a Super Medicine

Fiber – Cleanses digestive system

Cardiovascular cleansing compounds – Reduces the risk of blood clotting

Chromium – Balances blood sugar levels

Manganese – Formation of haemoglobin

So what's the problem with our modern day chocolate? I'll tell you what it is!

It's the pounds of white refined sugar and pasteurized homogenized milk that's added to it.

White sugar is a very harsh carbohydrate that acts as a drug causing your hormone levels to spike. Pasteurized homogenized milk comes from thousands of cows. Some of them sick and most of them treated with antibiotics and growth hormones.

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